Decentralization Might Make Alt-Right Trolls Worse

I love the decentralized web because of its self-organizing and privacy-focused nature. You get control over where your data lives and you can delete everything. I love that a lot, but it does frighten me as well. What if that decentralized social media organism gets cancer? What if the alt-right spreads its hate through the system?

You might say that the owner of those pods and servers would police that behavior and the good ones will ban them. After all, they can run their servers any way they want to, but what if the admin themselves are nefarious in nature?

What of the admins had the backing of a powerful state sponsor of terrorism and server farms? What then?

That's what's frightening to me. For all the crap that we shoveled onto Twitter, it had to police itself because it was a publicly traded company. There were checks and balances, no matter if you agreed with them or not, and it worked.

The blue checkmark system was vetted so there was a level of trust in the system, albeit it was fragile at times.

Twitter, for all its centralized machinations, worked and people flocked to it. The worst of the alt-right were banned and illegal behavior was stopped. Was it perfect? No, but it did its best.

I wrote on Medium earlier today about who would you complain to if the alt-right barbarians crashed your decentralized gate? Contact their admin? That admin might make matters worse for you. DMCA takedown?

But what happens if an alt-right group starts its own server and harasses people over the decentralized web? Who do we complain to then? Their admins don’t have to ban the offenders, they might even encourage worse behavior. – via Medium

The alt-right trolls might be more effective on the decentralized web and that's frightening.

This is the quandary I'm in. I have put the stops on building a Mastodon server for the time being. I don't know if I want to have the hassle. Right now I run my two sites and by myself and own all my own data.

I'm not sure I want to open my gates and invite the barbarians in, even if they're bringing gifts.

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