The Art of The Journal – Redux

I wanted to take a moment and write a short update on journaling and why I still do it, albeit sporadically. It's no secret that I love to journal, I just have to remember to find the time to do it.

I even wrote about the Art of the Journal on Medium a few years ago, but I made the mistake of making it sound like an infomercial. I tried to maximize it for SEO and get you to click on a few affiliate links.

I don't begrudge anyone trying to earn a living at writing. It's a hard job and I know each click counts, but I've learned that if you write well and catch your reader's attention, they will follow you.

How did I catch my reader's attention? Simple. I just wrote a bunch of Medium articles that they liked. Where did those articles come from? They came from mind maps and ideas jotted down in my journal.

Some ideas were thought-out sentences and others were cryptic words and phrases. No matter how long or short, these notes in my journal had a big effect on my writing. Coupled with daily walks, my creativity and output have ramped up into overdrive.

I also love the ease of journaling. There are no gizmos or electronic pads to charge and no apps to download. It's just you, a pen, and a journal. Coffee in a coffee shop is a nice touch but not necessary.

Perhaps it's the simplicity of pen to paper that makes this endeavor so appealing. It helps take all those crazy ideas down from the ether into reality.

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